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From standard designs of our own to working with our Customers, local Designers, architects and Builders we provide our customers unparalleled artistic craftsmanship and professionalism. Blenard's Decor Limited has been recognized by industry leaders for their quality and craftsmanship in creating Standard and Custom Fireplace Mantels.

When it comes to custom work we can create Fireplace Mantels and Surrounds in any style and size, from Classical to Tudor, from Baroque to Contemporary.

If you can imagine it , chances are we can make it.

At Blenard's Decor Limited we specialize in custom work to produce custom mantels to your unique requirements. Send us a description of the custom mantel you are looking for, rough design sketches or even a photograph and we will work with you to turn your dream into a reality providing you with drawings to assist in the development of your ideas.

These Custom Fireplace Mantel Surrounds are produced on a custom order-basis using both carving and mould making processes and are offered in different finishes and in a wide assortment of colors, allowing you to match your home's interior.
Custom fireplace mantels are indeed the easy option to homeowners who want a fireplace mantel that is tailored exactly to their needs and preference. Customers are not restricted to the size, color and finish of the Fireplace Mantel.
Customers can also combine different styles and themes of fireplace mantels to come up with their own unique and custom fireplace mantel.

Because of the work involved, the process of creating everything from scratch, designing, carving the model, moulding to casting, custom fireplace mantels cost a bit more than standard fireplace mantels. However, the cost is worth it since the customer will have a unique custom fireplace mantel that is exactly what they want and need.





A finely crafted Fireplace Surround can turn direct Vent or Vent-less Fireplaces into attractive centerpieces for any room.



E-mail us with your needs, questions and ideas and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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