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Blenard's Decor Limited uses innovative techniques and new materials in a variety of colors and texture finishes, to provide our clients with a unique product that is not only functional but also a centerpiece of architectural design.

Each of our Cast Stone Fireplace Mantels is made to order-whether it is a standard size or custom.
These precast noncombustible materials eliminate the many restrictions imposed on Wood Fireplace Mantels, while providing the timeless beauty, enduring strength of natural stone, and affordability.
Cast Stone has been used for at least 2500 years, and in many cases the structures made of Cast Stone still standing today have outlasted those made of natural stone.
Since the early 20th century in both Europe and America Cast Stone has been widely used and accepted as a replacement for natural stone.
What is Cast Stone?
A pre cast building material, one of the oldest types of concrete, a cement mix with fine aggregates like crushed natural stone, silica and regular sand combined with a variety of colors and finishes. This material not only has the timeless beauty, the felling of natural stone and enduring strength of Cast Stone, but also has more value. It has a greater color consistency, it can be reinforced, weathers better, and it's cost effective.

Because Cast Stone is made from natural materials, some variations should be expected. A visit to our showroom would give you a better idea on the different variations that come with Cast Stone products.
To protect your Cast Stone product from staining, we recommend sealing it after installation.

Beige Gray


Brown Sandstone

Cream Sandstone

Dark Ecru

Dark Gray

Dark Taupe

Desert Tan

European White


Great Desert

Light Gray

Mix Sandstone

Original Limestone

Original Sandstone

Red Sandstone


Tavern Taupe

Willow Mist


For details, samples, finishes and consultation on custom colors please contact us.

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